Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nothing Ventured, Boring Legacy

There’s something about a new year that prompts many of us to reflect on our course and speed.  I’m no different.  In my case, I’ve decided to make a change of trajectory as we enter 2016.

My teenage daughters have stopped asking me what I do for a living.  My explanations bore them, at best, and confuse them in the most likely scenario.  Their generation has a hard time grasping the value in providing advice to companies that are trying to find solutions to hard business problems.  There’s nothing tangible in talk, and they think that advice equates to talk.

I often tell my girls about the start of my career – being a junior member of the team that built the ARPAnet, the foundation of today’s Internet.  They feign interest in this – it’s something that they recognize as being central to their text messaging, apps-driven lives, but it’s like breathing to them.
They ask, what have you done lately?  What do you stand for?  How are your contributions measured?

Times like these prompt many of us to reflect on what gives us the greatest satisfaction, and that which carries our passion.  Fulfillment comes in many forms, and the threshold from one year to the next is a natural place to reflect on the values we value.

My passion is centered on the “As A Service” economy that is revolutionizing the ways that technology-enabled services come to reality.  I have written, spoken, and advised on this topic for most of the past five years.  It’s the next-iteration of many heritage operating structures.  I’ve worked with some great buyers of “As A Service” offerings, and some progressive providers of clever services.

It’s time for me to make this my sole focus.  It’s time to measure my contributions in different ways – principally around the creation of substantial and sustained innovations in business models.  Peter Allen & Partners ( will launch on January 1st.

From this platform, I will help organizations retool their operating models to take advantage of the disruptive potential of “As A Service” modes of service.  My network of like-minded colleagues is deep, and together we will take on assignments that exploit our expertise in the essential elements of service-based commercial models.  We will bring new services to life.

My girls may not know what this means now, but I intend to point to tangible outcomes that we achieve through purposeful application of a unique passion.  Bring on 2016.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from my help – in buying “As A Service” offerings progressively, or in building/selling/delivering “As A Service” offerings with distinction, please let me know. 

May the New Year bring each of you great energy around your own particular passion.

Peter Allen has many years of operating experience as a top executive and strategic advisor for companies of all shapes and sizes, with focus on technology-enabled business services. He is now Chief Evangelist at Peter Allen & Partners.

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