Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On the verge of Wave 4

Summer's days are numbered.  I know this because my oldest daughter heads off for her freshman year at university in two weeks.  I also know this because my wife has increased the frequency of her questioning about my next job.

Truth be told, my summer was a balance between family, golf, and job-searching.  In turn, the highlights included ...

  • Visits to our Maine cottage, and a trip to Los Angeles with my two girls (so that they could see "One Direction" in concert)
  • A hole-in-one on Father's Day and generally good rounds at may new courses
  • A diverse spectrum of job conversations ranging from start-ups, to Private Equity, to mid-stage; consulting, research, and services
A few of my outreaches weren't answered, but most resulted in at least one substantial conversation.

For each conversation, I referred to the 'manifesto' that I published on LinkedIn which defines my passion for the "as a service" trend across industries.  That has been my standard for gauging alignment of interests.  I credit my friend Peter Fuda for this approach to soul-searching.  Peter's wisdom is posted for all at

Having my framework committed to writing has been exceptionally helpful when presented with an opportunity by enthusiastic advocates.  Guardrails are really powerful.

So, I find myself on the verge of committing to the fourth wave of my career.  It will leverage the lessons (positive and otherwise) from my prior waves, and yet define a new experience.  I hope to touch, and be touched, by new colleagues and new Clients.  I also hope to advance the cause of "as a service" economic realities around Social/Mobile/Analytics/Cloud.

The most substantial recent relevation of importance was the significance of diversity in experience that I value.  Colleagues during my prior waves will attest to the fact that I enjoy learning via multitudes of activity.

So, Wave 4 is defined in my mind and I will lock this down imminently.  After a few more rounds of golf, another trip to Maine, and a weekend with my wife in Martha's Vineyard ... I will start calling on Clients on 16 September.

Thanks for your many kind notes and words of support.


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