Monday, February 15, 2010

If you believe ---

So, here's the skeleton of my thesis on why the IT Services market has entered a phase of truly different growth/innovation characteristics.

If you believe ...

  • Virtualization of computing/storage/communications resources is real. Enabling ...
    • capital expense avoidance
    • higher levels of operational efficiency
    • greater resilience of infrastructure services
    • material improvements in enterprise flexibility
  • Business functionality is increasingly able to be fulfilled via off-premise, built-for-purpose platform offerings.  Such as ...
    • Software-as-a-Service delivered via public cloud architectures (e.g.,
    • Ecosystems of specialized managed services providers (e.g., ADP for payroll)
    • Modular extensions to ERP foundations (e.g., SAP and Oracle)
    • Interfaced with proprietary business process applications
  • The requirements for confidence & integrity in business operations are dominant. To encompass ...
    • Resilience of services in response to threats to availability and continuity
    • Confidentiality of information
    • Assurance of correctness in business transactions
  • And, that successful enterprises will achieve optimal leverage in its allocation of investments. To wit ...
    • Make-vs-Buy tradeoffs for non-core aspects of the business
    • Industry partnerships/ventures

Then, you require ...
  • Vertical Integration among infrastructure, applications and operations.  Ensuring ...
    • Efficiency and accountability for distinct business services
    • Alignment between business strategies and enabling services
  • Service Integration among the ecosystem of internal and external service participants.  To include ...
    • Operational linkages among and between service elements
    • Congruency for Enterprise Data used by all parties
    • Trust-enablement of business services

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