Sunday, February 14, 2010

Deliberations ...

Many have asked:  "What's up with the lack of content, Peter?"

So, the long gap in postings has not been for lack of thoughts, opinions, perspectives, or ideas.  Rather, I am debating the merits of continuing to host this personal blog.

Friends such as Phil Fersht have shown that one can represent a company and still maintain a personal line-of-banter with industry colleagues.  I admire him for that.  As for me ... I'm not yet sure.

In the interim, while I wrestle with this question, please know that I am more engrossed in the machinations of the IT Services industry than ever before.  I spent this past week in India - Delhi and Mumbai - with colleagues and industry acquaintances. The annual NASSCOM conference in Mumbai was bigger than ever, and full of the customary bravado about growth of outsourcing and offshoring. 

I gave a speech as part of a panel on "non-linear business models."  The essence of my opinion/perspective was that we're entering a period that has the potential to equal that of the dot-com era in terms of innovation and value-creating business models.  And, I think there are better chances for sustainability of growth today than we saw in the 2000-era.

Why am I so optimistic? I see a confluence of events/trends that seem to be coming together at just the right time - if the recession is truly over.  

I guess I ought to explain, huh?  OK ... I'll post that logic thesis tomorrow.  

Tally ho.

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