Thursday, November 5, 2009

Musings and Coming soon: Outsourcing Industry - Through the Eyes of the Buyer

Please pardon the moderate lapse in posting ... I've been distracted by my day job!

Over the coming days I will be sharing observations around the clustering of industry service providers withn three distinct groups. It seems to me that the buyers of technoloigy-enabled business services are seeing very different characteristics of our industry take shape. And, I the M&A wave is distinct for each of these three clusters.  More on that shortly.

In the interim ... please join me in congratulating one of the most prolific and insightful pundits, Phil Fersht, in joining one of the better companies in the service provider universe, Cognizant.  Frank deSouza, Cognizant's CEO, is an inspirational leader. I can only imagine the sort of conversations occuring in the ether of Cognizant these days.  Great move for Phil and Cognizant!

Finally - for today - is this piece. 

Find here ( a useful Industry Week article on how to keep large IT projects from going off track. My colleague Eileen Sweeney is quoted throughout and is a great resource for conversations with organizations about how to build and sustain support and momentum for change programs. If you want to speak to Eileen, I am sure she would be happy to share her experiences and insights with you. Eileen can be reached at

The article cites Boston-based Standish Group's "CHAOS Summary 2009" report concludes that just 32% of IT projects meet common criteria for success, while 24% of IT projects are cancelled or are never used.

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