Friday, August 28, 2009


Well ... my (work-related) thoughts were formerly posted on a blog called Consider the Source (which I thought was a clever title for a site discussing trends in (out)sourcing). A few colleagues from that company suggested that I create a new blog to share my new ventures. This is it.

As my (work) life revolves around the business model of contracted services (note the prelude here ... moving away from the term "outsourcing"), I thought that the title of "Sourcing Realities" would be appropriate. Now, I'm no research wonk so please don't expect any heavy findings revealed here. Rather, I will be sharing observations and opinions derived from my workplace activities. I am about to start a new job.

My employer is a major industry player - a provider of managed services to corporations and governments around the world. I am excited about this position for a range of reasons, mostly framed by the criteria I used to select from the opportunities available to me:

1. Must have leadership committed to winning
2. Must be progressive in nature, with specific resources allocated for taking advantage of emerging technologies
3. Must be receptive to listening to the market - clients, employees, intermediaries, competitors - and willing to act fast 
4. Must need me ... and want me ... to drive change
5. Must have the highest ethics, and a proven record of integrity-based business models
6. Should give me a diverse set of challenges, allowing me to solve problems and create new avenues for growth

I am thrilled with my selection ... and eager to get started. I will be championing the new era of Managed Services … focused on bringing technology-enabled business value to clients in ways that are predictable and resilient. If you care to hear more ... please visit often. I'll try to post some interesting and thought-provoking observations.

Source on!


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